These tutorials show you how to fit various items to your bike, or how to perform certain maintenance procedures. They are all presented in a multi-page format which should be easier to read on screen, but there is also a single page format which will be easier to print out and keep as a reference while you are doing the jobs.

All these tutorials have been put together from my own experiences when performing the jobs described on an 1999 model CB600F Hornet. If your bike is more recent, or is a CB900F Hornet, then the jobs might be slightly different to allow for changes in the bikes. If you do notice any major differences, or just think that something could be done differently to make it easier, please let me know. My aim is to make them as easy to follow as possible, while still making sure I have covered everything.

  • How to fit a Radiator Cover
    This tutorial explains how to fit a decorative metal radiator cover, replacing the original black plastic one.

  • How to install a Hugger
    This tutorial explains how to fit a hugger over the rear wheel of a Hornet. It is a good idea to fit one to protect the rear suspension from all the dirt thrown up by the wheel.

  • How to fit a Givi Top-Box (Luggage)
    If you plan on using your bike to carry anything on a regular basis, or to go touring, you could do a lot worse than to invest in a good quality topbox and rack. This tutorial shows you what is involved in fitting one.

  • How to fit a Givi Windscreen
    If you are getting tired of the constant wind-blast generated at high speeds then you'll want to fit a proper windscreen. This tutorial shows you what is involved.